About Me

Hello! I am Tara Yasmin. I'm a professional belly dancer based in Wollongong, NSW. 

I first started studying belly dancing, or raqs sharqi, in 2007. Since then I have travelled as much as I can to learn from teachers I admire and respect, including Nesma (ESP), Randa Kamel (EG), Shaharazad (USA; EG), Vanessa of Cairo (USA; EG), Esmerelda (BR), Sahra Saeeda (USA), Rachael Lundy (NZ), Caroline of Cairo (AU; EG), Marta Korzun (UKR), Christine Yven (IDN) , Darren Ho (SGP), Virginia Keft-Kennedy (AU), Jrisi Jusakos (AU), and Rachel Brice (USA). However, as much as I have learned from these teachers, most of all I owe my gratitude to my friends and colleagues with Middle Eastern backgrounds who have been so generous in sharing their knowledge and experience with me. 

My personal style has evolved from this combination of formal and informal tuition. The masterful demonstration of belly dance technique is important, but my time spent in relaxed social settings has shown me that it is the right tunes and attitude that make the party! For me unforgettable entertainment requires an effortless blending of the two.

I continue to dedicate myself to studying a variety of oriental and folkloric dance styles and have particular interest in Iraqi folkloric dances, classical Arabic music and muwashahat. Above all, honouring and paying homage to the cultures of origin of Middle Eastern dance is fundamental to my dance approach.