Celebrate with me

Belly dance shows are an exciting, cultural, and family-friendly way to electrify your next party. 

I belly dance  at events, parties, and celebrations around the Illawarra, Wollongong, South Sydney and the South Coast of NSW.

Combined with dazzling costumes and on-point music choices, my performances will engage and delight audiences of all ages. I carefully tailor my belly dance shows for the background and needs of each client to ensure your guests will be walking away with memories that will last for years. 

Depending on your event there are different styles of show that may be appropriate. Read the belly dance performance options or the hiring a belly dancer cheat sheet and get in touch to discuss how we can make your next event one to remember. 

Belly Dance performance options

Whether your event is small, medium, or large, I can create a visual extravaganza full of audience interaction. Depending on your venue this can be enhanced through a variety of folkloric and theatrical props, a duet or trio of dancers, and/or percussionists. 

Belly dance floor show

A typical belly dance floor show will start out with a high impact and dramatic entrance piece. The combination masterful dance technique and  dynamic music choice is guaranteed to leave the audience enthralled. The next section is where there is an opportunity for the audience to have a go! The guests of honour and/or other enthusiastic spectators are encouraged to take the floor. A variety of props may be utilised in this section including assaya (stick), sagat (finger cymbals), and sword . The performance is concluded by a high energy and dynamic drum solo. 

Belly dance floor shows are perfect entertainment for weddings and engagement parties, birthday celebrations, Christmas and end of year celebrations, corporate events, and restaurants. The usual length of the show is 20-25min, and can be adapted based on the size of your event. 

Belly dance performance and interactive workshop

For the daring a short belly dance performance can be followed by an interactive dance workshop. Participants will be dressed up in hip-scarves and introduced to key belly dance moves that will be combined in a short a short choreography. This package is perfect to get guests dancing, laughing, and having a wonderful time. 

This package is an fun, unique, and energetic option for birthdays, festivals, hen's parties, women's parties, kitchen teas, corporate events, and themed parties. The structure and length of this package is flexible based on the nature of your event. The performance is typically 12-15min, followed by a 10-30 minute workshop. 

Any questions?

All in?

Hiring a belly dancer cheat sheet​

It can be overwhelming to think about the planning required to organise an entertainer. This guide is a quick and easy cheat sheet to make it simple!


Type of event

What type of event is it (e.g. wedding, birthday, corporate, etc.) and how many people will be there?

What is the date, location, and time? Does the venue have a dance floor and is there an available sound system? 

What are the cultural expectations, needs, and interests of your guests?

Are there specific colours of the event and costuming requirements that will need to be considered? 

By addressing these questions early on I can make sure you and your guests are thrilled with a beautiful show that is suited to your needs and talked about for years to come.  

Details of show

The show is constructed to take into account your guests needs and cultural background.


You can play an active role or leave it up to me to create a dynamic event that keeps your guests mesmerised.


Common components include entrance piece, fan veils, veil, finger cymbals, sword, drum solo, saiidi, dabke with assaya, Egyptian beledi, khaleegy, Egyptian or Levantine classic songs, and more.


Want to make even more of an impact? Optional extras include percussionists, musicians, and a duet or troupe of dancers to add an extra bang! 

Day of event

I will need the phone number and email address of a contact person at the event.

We will exchange performance agreement that outlines the specifics and scheduling of the dance performance in the event.The performance will be confirmed with a 50% deposit.

I will need a secure place to change and store my belongings while dancing.



"Thank you for your fantastic performance. Your passion and dedication for middle eastern dance is clear. The way you tailored the music for our background and injected the room with fun made Paulina’s birthday so memorable."

—  Abdul Burhan