Terms and Conditions

Prior to attending class please read this document carefully. These terms and conditions contain important information about your enrolment in belly dance class.

  • Enrolments can only be confirmed once you pay the course fee. You can sign up on the enrolment page. Don’t delay or you may miss out!

  • Your class pass is valid for the duration of the course only. Class credits are not transferrable to another person or across courses (except due to unforeseen medical issues).

  • Only enrolled participants are allowed in the studio during class times. Other persons (including children) are not permitted in the classroom. No responsibility can be taken for unattended children or belongings.

  • In accordance with Consumer Affairs Victoria, refunds or dance courses will not be given if:

    • You change your mind about attending class;

    • Other commitments prevent your ability to attend class;

    • You cancel your enrolment less than 14 days prior to the start of the class. If you require a refund prior and have notified Tara Yasmin Belly Dance with 14 days notice, you will be refunded your fees minus a 20% administration cost.

    • If serious unforeseen medical issues that prevent a student from attending class for a significant portion of the term, a transfer of credit to a later term may be possible. If permanently unable to attend classes in the future, a partial refund may be offered as a goodwill gesture.

Class cancellations

  • All classes are subject to a minimum of 5 students; if a class is smaller than this it may be cancelled. In this instance you will be offered a full refund or the option to change to a different time or location. 

  • In the event that the usual teacher is unavailable, Tara Yasmin Belly Dance reserves the right to arrange a substitute teacher, or in very rare circumstances cancel the class. In the circumstance that the class is postponed or cancelled a makeup class will be offered to replace the class.


For most people, belly dancing is a fun and safe form of exercise. However, as with all forms of exercise you should observe a few simple precautions:

  • The ‘warm up’ at the start and the ‘cool down’ at the end of class are compulsory. These are important and are designed to prevent injury; to fail to join these parts of the class is to do so at your own risk. It is highly recommended that you ensure you are on time to class so you can participate.

  • If you have a pre-existing injury, or if you fall pregnant, you should consult your doctor before beginning/continuing classes. These may not prevent you from participating in classes, but it is recommended that you seek medical advice and inform your teacher of any such condition/s.

  • Be aware of your normal range of movement and do not push yourself beyond its limits. Your dancing and personal safety will be enhanced when you keep it to your own pace and level. There are a variety of movement options that can be provided and if anything hurts, let the teacher know immediately. Persistent pain should always be reported to the instructor or to your GP if necessary. Remember though, it is quite normal to experience some general aches after you embark on a new activity, or if you have had a long break.

  • Your participation and attendance in any class with Tara Yasmin Belly Dance is at your own risk.

  • Tara Yasmin Belly Dance is committed to providing a safe space for all students, regardless of their sexuality, gender, cultural background, disability or other circumstances.